INTO THE WOODS workshops


Art in Public Spaces WITH Angelina Villalobos

My name is Angelina Villalobos, my art superhero name is 179. I’m a Seattle born art activist and partner with communities connecting art with action. My work strives to engage viewers to partake in their environment through observation & participation. I believe community engagement is vital to successful art planning and that art should be accessible to all.

Learn about how Angelina Villalobos, artist name 179 navigates the public arts realm as a muralist in Seattle WA. Villalobos combines art activism with street art while also using her experience to market to the corporate world.

Villalobos has worked with clients such as Microsoft, Amazon, Seattle Department of Transportation, and The Sodo Track.


Letterpress with amy redmond

Amy Redmond is a Seattle-based visual designer and artist who has been using letterpress printing as a medium for self-expression since 1998, when her job as a book designer turned into a quest to learn the finer points of typography.

While the line between her personal art and professional design work is sometimes blurred, one distinction remains clear in her artistic letterpress work: the process is strictly non-digital. Words are typeset by hand one letter at a time, using metal and wood typefaces. Additional images are created with linoleum cuts or alternative techniques such as collographs and pressure printing. Each sheet of paper is hand-fed into the press, resulting in a unique yet consistent method of relief printing.

One workshop’s not nearly enough time to learn the intricacies of letterpress, but there's plenty of inky shenanigans to be had when you stick to basics and shoot from the hip — especially when you have the landscape of Sleeping Lady Lodge as your muse. Using natural materials foraged from the forest floor, you’ll learn how to use collograph & pressure printing techniques to create unique pictorial and typographic monoprints. You’ll also enjoy playing with SVC's collection of wood type and imagery, experimenting both on and off press with hand-inking and overprinting. You’ll be delighted by what happens when you loosen the grip on creative control and let the ink fall where it may.

jeanine-spence-headshot copy.jpg

Design for inclusion with jeanine spaence

Jeanine Spence, experience strategist and co-founder at Be Curious with Us, works with teams to transform practices and build
inclusive design capabilities. Her commitment to design for social good comes from her two decades of work in apps and
service design where she used inclusive practices to uncover unique opportunities which led to innovative solutions.
Often at the cutting edge of technology and experience, she has made a name for herself in incubating futuristic solutions for
wicked problems in consumer and enterprise software that led to breakthrough new products.

Inclusive Design considers the full range of human diversity to deliver better experiences for everyone and challenges
us to reinvent our practice. Using examples and reflection, we will examine our design practices to reveal ways in
which we unintentionally create exclusion and define new approaches to shift our design practice so that we support
inclusion right from the start.


More workshops to be announced soon!